Welcome to the inagural “David A. Tatum Verbatim” Blog Post

I’ve had this blog set up for a couple months, now, but I haven’t posted anything because I was hoping to make it a really “Big” post.  However, I’ve been too busy to really bother making anything “Big,” so my blog has just been sitting here with the default “Hello World” post for days.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just quit waiting for the chance to write a “Big” post, and just post, well, anything.

I plan to use this blog for several things:

  1. Occasional status reports on my writing projects
  2. Discussion of my writing philosophy (because it seems every writer who had a blog occasionally talks about either the “how-to” or the business of writing).
  3. Book release announcements.
  4. Fennec Fox Press news (for ex., I’m considering opening an online storefront; if that comes out, expect an announcement here)
  5. Convention Reports (I attend 2-4 conventions a year)
  6. Possibly occasional “interviews” with other writers, characters, etc., if I ever find anyone interested.
  7. Maybe some sports commentary (I’m a hockey fan.  My team is the Washington Capitals.  You can laugh or commiserate as appropriate).
  8. Miscellaneous ramblings.

So, coming tomorrow (I know I said on Facebook it would be today, but after writing it all up I accidentally deleted it and will have to start over; I’m still learning this blogging software), I will be using this blog for #5 on that list with my Convention Report on Marscon 2015.

I may also be moving my Convention Calender over from the Fennec Fox Press site to this blog; the software I’ve been using there has gotten too buggy to regularly update that calender, and there may be a plug-in for this site that will work better.  I’ll test a few of those out over the next few days, so you may see it appear and disappear from this site over the next few weeks.