The Plan Behind a Book That Can’t Make Any Money….

Well, I had fun with Star Wars, Christmas, and so forth — time to get back to work with the regular Sunday Blogs, resuming my latest series.

I’ve assessed what content will be in “This Book Cannot Make Any Money” (for the most part), which (for the purpose of this blog sereis) is the equivalent of writing a book.  So let’s get into what we need to do to self-publish, now that we’re done “writing” (keeping in mind that sometimes, you need to do more than one of these at once; we’ll keep the blog posts to one subject at a time, however).

I.  Get Cover Art

I am not an artist.  I do know a little bit about design thanks to college, but that collegiate training is over a decade old and never reached professional levels.  However, I have a budget of $0 for this project, so I might have to do the cover myself.  Well, This Book Cannot Possibly Make Any Money, so it’s not like the cover matters… right?

II.  Get it all edited

Technically, I believe that this and Cover Art should be done at roughly the same time, but since I’m dedicating each post in this series to a different phase of the production, this’ll be released a different week.  This and the Cover Art post might wind up swapping, depending on how long it takes to finish each post.

Now, this is going to be a hard one.  There are two short stories (one in the Experimental\paranormal genre, one in the High Fantasy genre), some poetry (an ecclectic set mixing, IIRC, rhyming couplets, thematic poetry, and haiku), and clippings from various novels and short stories that will never see the light of day (one historical novel, one mythological retelling, and… well, I’m still looking through my old files for any salvageable cuts).  I’d need to find an editor willing to work in all of those genre.  Oh, and I need to find one in my budget.  A budget of… um… wait, this book Cannot Possibly Make Any Money, so I have a total budget of $0.  Hm, this is going to be trickier than I thought.

III.  Book Design

Book Design, at the basic level, is one of the things I feel comfortable handling by myself… usually.  However, this book is an ecclectic mix of prose and poetry, and the book design might get a bit more complex.  Still, $0 budget, so… we’ll see what we can do.

Now, I have Adobe inDesign, but I’m doing this whole blog series on going from “written” to “published” with a budget of $0, and in my spare time.  It seems unfair to suggest that the sorts of things I want to do should just be pushed into an expensive piece of professional software like inDesign, so we’ll explore a few free or inexpensive alternatives I already have access to when doing this design work.

IV.  Publishing Electronically

Ah, finally, something that you rarely have to hire out to get accomplished.  Well, you can, if you really want to, but you can get your ebook out just about anywhere that sells eBooks with just a touch of effort.  Since we have a budget of $0 for this project, let’s just assume that no, we aren’t going to pay for distribution.  We’ll go through our options, however — things can change between now and when we get to this stage of the process.

V.  POD Publishing

Making a print book is almost impossible without spending a little money, and this book Cannot Make Any Money.  But I think I’m willing to go $9 or so in debt I need to be to order a proof copy at Createspace (or whatever other option I explore for this thing).

VI.  Marketing.

And the final, and most dreaded, stage:  Marketing!  Of course, why bother marketing this if it Can’t Possibly Make Any Money?  Still, we’ll go through the motions of trying to market your book on a budget of $0, and see if there are any results.  Who knows — maybe someone will buy this book by mistake, and not bother returning it!

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