NOT An Official Release Date For In Forgery Divided

Well, I’m just about finished getting “In Forgery Divided” ready for release. It’s close enough I’m TEMPTED to set the release date as April 2nd, but, well, I’m really very terrible at setting schedules.  I always run late, and it always seems as if I’ll NEVER finish.

There are things that might delay me, however, like… oh… allergy season (I never used to be bothered by allergies, while everyone else in my family has had severe issues.  The last few years, however, I’ve started developing them, and they seem to hit me worse than they do any of my relatives.  Although possibly that’s just because they’re more used to dealing with them).  I’ve already lost several hours of work the past few days because my allergies were making it impossible to read off of a computer screen.

But… well, it might be out as early as April 2nd.  (It will NOT be April 1st, even if it’s ready in time; I don’t want to have people mistake the release for an April Fools gag)  And if it does run past that date, it won’t be much longer.

Edit:  Comments closed due to spammers.  (I’ve had to close more posts because of spammers than I’ve gotten real comments.  Geez)

The Fennec Fox Press Mailing List

Back when I first published “In Treachery Forged,” I — like all of the self-publishing gurus suggested in their marketing advice — set up a mailing list. That list still exists, but I haven’t posted anything to it in over a year and a half.

At the time I created the mailing list, I envisioned having a quarterly newsletter that would give people news on upcoming releases, the occasional Smashwords coupon, and maybe other things as well, and between newsletters it would be the first place you could see cover reveals and learn of new releases.

Unfortunately, the long delay between the release of “The Kitsune Stratagem” and today, when I’m a couple weeks from releasing “In Forgery Divided,” kind of killed that plan.  After all, how many times can you apologize for a delay before it starts to sound like you’re just making excuses?

So… there’s not been a post to the mailing list since then.  There are only about two dozen members (fewer, actually, checking the reported numbers), but I still feel horrible about leaving the mailing list hanging for so long.

Well, now that “In Forgery Divided” is about to be released, I am going to revive that mailing list… and this time, even if I don’t have anything to say other than that my next book isn’t ready yet, I’ll try to keep the quarterly reports coming.

The Fennec Fox Press Newsletter (#3) will be resurrected this Saturday, February 19th.  While I don’t expect there to be any news that you haven’t heard here in this newsletter, please feel free to sign up for future new releases.  From now on, cover reveals (at the very least) will be made over the mailing list first.

The Cover Art is In!

I originally was hoping to get this all the way back in October… but then again, I wasn’t ready for it back in October, anyway. I’m very close to finishing the edits, and I’ll need to tinker with this image a touch (it needs to be cropped slightly — you won’t even notice, as all I’m doing is removing the bleed edges that are built in for the print edition — to adjust the proportions for the e-Book cover. I also need to put in the title, my name as author, etc.), but here it is!  The cover for Book 2 of the Law of Swords series, “In Forgery Divided”:


Many thanks to Alex Kolesar of No Need for Bushido!