I’ve Been Neglecting This Blog Lately…

So, two of the past four weekends, I’ve forgotten my Sunday Blog. I almost forgot it tonight, as well, but I remembered in time to make this post. Oops.

Mostly, I’ve just been forgetting to post the things I’m writing.  That’s partly because I haven’t been very good about realizing what day of the week it is, lately (weekends and weekdays have seemed to be a lot alike), but part of it is just that I’m not sure what to write.

I have a lot of posts I’ve started waiting for completion for this blog, but all of them require more time to write than I usually put into this blog in a week (and, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know how long my blogs can usually get, so you might have some idea why these would take a while).

I could continue to talk up my already released books, like In Treachery Forged, In Forgery Divided, and The Kitsune Stratagem. I could give progress reports on my ongoing projects, such as The Merrimack Event (uh… yeah, I need to do something with that. I haven’t done anything with that manuscript since the last time I talked about it, even though it just needs an editor and cover art to be released) or In Division Imperiled (without giving spoilers, I can’t really say much about it beyond reciting my depressingly low daily word counts. I’m hoping the writing will speed up before too long, because I like the content I’m writing more than I usually do when my writing slows this much).

However, these are exactly the sorts of things I’m trying to AVOID talking about on this blog. I want to come up with content that is, you know, interesting — not stuff that will drive readers away.

I might have an idea I can get ready by next week, but if anyone has suggestions for what they want to see out of this blog in the future let me know. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if posting becomes a bit more irregular.

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