Going on a (Brief) Hiatus

Well, the good news is I’m not talking about the election (politics is forbidden on this blog!). Now for the bad news….

I’ve not been posting new blogs as regularly as I should, but not for lack of trying. Unfortunately, instead of my making this more routine, I find myself having to put this blog on hiatus until the New Year.

The reason is a good one, though: I’m just too busy. I am hoping to finish the first draft of the third volume of the Law of Swords series by Jan. 1; I’m not sure I’ll make that deadline, but I’m hopeful. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I still need to send the Merrimack Event off to the editors; I’ve been procrastinating on that one for years.

I’ve got another project with a New Years deadline, however; I was invited to submit a story to a multi-author anthology. A ten to twenty thousand word short story (really a novelette or novella) with a Dec. 31st deadline for submission. That’s a tight schedule, especially for me (I’m slow enough as it is, and I struggle with writing in the short form so much that it can sometimes take me as much time to complete a short story as it does a full-length novel).

I’m intrigued by the invitation, but obviously have some scheduling issues. I don’t want to slow my Law of Swords novel, and the season from Thanksgiving to Christmas is always full of distractions. The only way I have a CHANCE of making the deadline for the anthology without delaying my novel manuscript is to pull the writing time from periods where I usually don’t or can’t work on my novel, anyway… which is the time I usually spend working on this blog.

So, until I finish that anthology submission (or until it gets too late to submit to the anthology and I have to abandon that project), I’m putting this blog on hiatus. I can’t guarantee I can make ANY of my deadlines, but I can guarantee I won’t make any of them unless I do this. Wish me luck!