This Book Cannot Make Any Money — An Unexpected Issue

So I’ve actually done the work needed to write the next several blogs in this series (part two of the cover and a bit on book design), but I’ve run into one unexpected difficulty.

The whole idea behind this book was to test out the KDP Print (beta) system, now that they’re offering print proofs. I had to work ahead of this blog series, because I wanted to get the proof back in time for Marscon and (at least with Createspace) shipping can take a long time.

So, I uploaded the files to KDP print and went to order a proof… and, uh, no print proofs are available. The whole program is in beta, and some options are available for some writers and not others, and I happen to NOT have the option to order a proof.

Uh… okay. I can still do some proofing for it (there is one flaw on the cover that the only online proofing tool they offer shows), but this is a set-back as far as this blog series is concerned. I’m sending in a request to be added to the beta program’s author proof copies, but I’ve got no idea if that’s even an option.

I’m still going to write those next two blogs, but it might wait until after Marscon. However, the print book might be released before I can finish this series, if that becomes my only option for getting a copy of it in time for the convention, and will certainly be released before the eBook version (a VERY unusual thing, for me).

As this series is now behind the production anyway, I’m going to be suspending it until I get back from Marscon. Next week, I’ll do a “year in review” post (which I probably should have done this week, but until earlier this evening I was still thinking I’d be working on this series for today’s blog), and then… well, I probably won’t have a blog that next week, as that’s Marscon weekend.

But, since I promised a cover reveal in this blog entry, here you go (keeping in mind there will be a few minor changes, including one or two corrections to the back-of-the-book blurb, before it goes to print…)