Blog Fixed!

A Quick administrative note:

As some people probably noticed (in fact, even one Amazon review mentioned it), this blog experienced a few weeks of downtime.  I tried fixing it myself, but was unsuccessful.  It just so happened that it went down at the same time I was also dealing with oral surgery, trying to help babysit my nephew, and several other tasks that prevented me from being able to spend several hours contacting technical support until now.

However, the problem is fixed, and I now know how to fix it if the same problem occurs again.  Plus, I was able to convince my web host’s tech support to allow me to upgrade my PHP version from the same one that was in use when I first set up (more than a decade ago) to one that is still supported by somebody, somewhere, so this may help future-proof this blog from other incidents.

As many things have happened during the period this blog was non-functional, expect lots of announcements this Sunday.