Plans Going Out the Window…

Plans with this blog keep going out the window. I had a blog written and ready to go out last week, but decided to bump it to address an issue that had cropped up. This week, I’ve found that what I had planned for last week was rendered irrelevant (I’m not going to go into how), so again I’m improvising at the last minute.

I suppose I really should talk about “The Merrimack Event” some. “In Forgery Divided” has been the subject of several blogs these past few weeks, and my plan has been to release these two books at roughly the same time, so I should be giving the other book equal time, here.

The thing is, my plans in that regard are going out the window.  “In Forgery Divided” is much closer to release than “The Merrimack Event” (though there is still time for the later to catch up), so releasing them both at the same time is looking less and less likely.

It’s my fault, in a sense (though in my defense, I’ve had a lot of distractions crop up since sending “In Treachery Forged” out to the editor).  “The Merrimack Event” has fallen pretty far behind — I already have an editor and cover artist commissioned for “In Treachery Forged,” and both have sent me updates indicating they are part-way done, but I have yet to even identify anyone for doing those jobs for “The Merrimack Event.” To some extent, the hunt for these services was disrupted by my need to buy and build a new computer, but I’m done with that, now (for the most part; I need to replace a cable in order to connect my old second monitor to my new computer, but that’s on the way).

So, how has the search for the services I need to finish “The Merrimack Event” gone? Well, I’ve queried a single cover artist, who wasn’t willing to work in my budget (I was offering him double what I’ve paid any of my past cover artists, but it wasn’t enough for him). I haven’t even looked into editors (well, I did have a list of people to query in my bookmarks, but my bookmarks have been thrown all out of order when they were transferred to the new computer, and I can’t find them all that easily). And I’ve been putting off this hunt for over a year, now.

I’m not sure why I’ve been so reluctant, but that’s about to end. I’m dedicating this week to that editor and cover artist hunt. I’ll also try out a few back-of-the-book blurbs (which may wind up the subject of next week’s blog). And, hopefully, by the end of this week I’ll have finally started “The Merrimack Event” on that final stretch.

Wish me luck.