Planned Future Articles for this Blog

Please note: The bulk of this post was written prior to my attending Ravencon, last weekend. If I’d successfully figured out my blog software well enough (I’ve been doing this over a year now, and I’m still a complete newbie. I keep trying to figure out how to disable the horrid auto-hyphenation that this theme enforces, for example, but have had no success), it would have auto-posted last Sunday. Instead, I’m just going to tweak the post a bit and send it out today.

So, before I started ramping up the publicity machine in the advent of In Forgery Divided‘s release, I had several ongoing blog series I was pursuing.  I hope to resume some of them, soon, including:

I.  The Self-Publishing Roundtable

The bulk of this series is complete, but I’m still coming up with new addendums for it.  Some of the things I learn at Ravencon may inspire articles for this.

II.  Wierd Things I’ve Had to Research

Honestly, I’d like to resume this one the most.  However, looking back over the articles I have already written, I’m a bit disappointed in myself.  Among other things, it seems like I’m doing a lot of linking to Wikipedia.  I don’t hate Wikipedia, and think it is a perfectly fine research tool if you double-check its references and understand its limitations, but this wasn’t supposed to be a survey course on using Wikipedia.  I will have to think of new ways to approach this series, but I do have at least one thing to start with: Using travelogues for research.  And the travelogue I’ll use will be the Michael Palin travelogues — Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole, Full Circle, and Himalaya.  I may start these in a couple weeks.

III.  This Book Cannot Make Any Money

For newcomers, this was a bit of a project taking otherwise useless scraps of writing I had done (a few fragments of poetry, much of it from my High School days; a single very short (but still too long to be listed as flash) short story set in genre (experimental, paranormal) that I have written nothing else in; a fantasy short story written entirely as an inside joke for a writing workshop; story fragments of various genre from permanently abandoned larger works; that kind of thing) and to use it to walk people through the self-publishing process on a budget of $0, eventually releasing is as an eclectic collection of stories through both Amazon and Createspace.  This project froze because I didn’t have time to finish the article on cover art while also completing the final details for In Forgery Divided.  It will resume the next time I’ve sent something off to an editor and I’m waiting for them to get back to me.

IV.  Convention Calender Listings

I’ve neglected this part of the website for too long.  I plan to update these at the end of this month.  I think I’ve covered most of the major fan-run conventions, but I know I don’t know about some of the more obscure smaller conventions, one or two-day conventions, and new conventions.  If anyone knows of conventions I’ve missed, please let me know.

V.  Reviewing Software for the Self-Publisher

This was a proposed series in a past blog article.  There didn’t appear to be any interest (while I never seem to be able to convince anyone but spammers to comment on my blogs here, I often get comments on my articles in private messages, Facebook comments, Twitter comments, real life, etc.  This proposed series generated none of those, however), and so has been abandoned.  Unless there’s someone particularly interested in it, now?

VI.  Getting the Print Edition Out, And Future Publishing Plans

While In Forgery Divided has been out for over a month now in eBook form, I’m still working on getting the print edition complete.  I’ve just ordered a proof on a corrected copy, so I’ll probably have a blog post announcing the completion of that.  Also, I intend to have another status report-type post some time in the next few weeks where I discuss which books I’m going to be focusing on for the near future, which books will be put on the backburner for a while (but not abandoned), and which planned books I’m going to be dropping entirely.  Also, I’ll be discussing a few plans for some experimentation in my marketing strategies, the difference between a short story collection and an anthology (as I’m planning for one or the other to be added to one or both of my two currently ongoing Fantasy series, plus a third Sci-Fi set that I thought of at Ravencon), and more.

VII.  Lessons Learned From Ravencon

This will be coming out next Sunday, and will feature everything I’ve gleaned from my notes on the various Ravencon panels I attended.  Not all of the things I learned were explicity said by the panelists, however, and not all the  panels were useful (hint: If you don’t know that Ingram Spark and Lightning Source are the same company, or you think you have to pay Createspace for expanded distribution, or you think Smashwords regularly distributes to Amazon, your information is old\incorrect and you shouldn’t be on a panel about self-publishing.  I’m not going to be shaming any of the panelists, but some of the things being said (especially things that went uncorrected by the other panelists) has me questioning the expertise of some of the panelists.  At least no-one recommended Author Solutions, which I suppose is a good thing).  So I won’t necessarily break down the things learned to the various panels I attended.