Catching Up….

A new year, and I’m back to work on my regular blog.  My (ir)regular Sunday Blogs will be returning, soon, but there are a few things that came up during my absence I think I should mention first:

  1.  I did manage to complete the anthology submission I was preparing that prompted me to suspend the Sunday blogs.  I’m hoping it will make it in to said anthology, but if it doesn’t I’ll probably self-publish it under Fennec Fox Press.
  2. Some software issues have cropped up on this blog regarding some of the plug-ins.  I need to contact my ISP before I can start these fixes, and I’m not sure how long they will take or if they can even fix it.  Don’t be surprised if there are temporary outages as I get this sorted out, or if certain features appear and disappear.  I might also test a few new themes that have become available, so don’t be surprised if the blog changes appearance a few times over the course of the next couple weeks.
  3. I’ve also had hardware issues; my laptop has been on the fritz (it’s taken to overheating at irregular intervals), so I took advantage of some Black Friday\Cyber Monday Sales and bought a new one.  The new laptop is here and running, and has all the software I need to make it go, but until recently I couldn’t transfer my files over easily.  I’ve just got the tools needed to make this transition, but there WILL be  a transition period.  I write this blog on my laptop, so it might take some time away from writing my next blog entry.
  4. My original plan was to try and get In Division Imperiled out by Ravencon (which, if you’ve forgotten, I will be appearing at as a guest).  This plan is looking less and less likely, as I’m far behind on my writing (having to set the project aside for a time in order to complete the anthology entry in time).  At the very least I wanted to have the cover art to show, but my cover artist is too busy to take on the job right now.  I might consider another artist, but I’d prefer someone who works in a similar style as the old covers.  I have a list of other artists who I’ve been considering for other projects, and one or two have similar art styles, but so far none of the ones I’ve checked out are free, either.  I’m still looking… and writing.
  5. One option I’m considering is to finally push The Merrimack Event out the door.  That would likely mean further delay for In Division Imperiled, but as it’s already a complete manuscript it would be easy for me to get everything done in time of Ravencon.  I haven’t made any moves in this direction, yet, but it’s something I’m thinking about.
  6. There’s been news in the world of self-publishing over the past few months I might comment on (for example, the closing of All Romance eBooks\Omnilit, an eBook retailer which (fortunately, it turns out) I had never puzzled out how to list my books on).  I’ve been too busy to comment on it when it was new news, however, and I’m not sure I want to bother with it now.  But maybe I’ll talk about them if new events come up.
  7. For Christmas, among other more practical gifts, I recieved a pair of toy fennec foxes (stuffed animals. two different sizes).  I’m thinking of making them mascots for Fennec Fox Press, but I need names for them.  Any suggestions would be nice.
  8. I badly need to update the convention calender.  It’s not been updated in over half a year, so a lot of data in it is missing or outdated.  Again, it’s something that will eat time away from the time I have to write my Sunday Blog, but I’m not going to fiddle with it until I can fix the plug-in issue and complete the new laptop transition mentioned above.

Well, that’s what I’ve got time to write about this week.  I may go into more details on one or two of the topics mentioned, above, or (more likely) I’ll come up with something else to talk about, but while it may be even more irregular than usual, I’m resuming my “regular” Sunday Blog starting now.