Another “Keeping the Blog Active” Post

Just another video to tide you over. I figure doing these every other week, unless I come up with something else to write about, makes sense.

On spelling….


2 thoughts on “Another “Keeping the Blog Active” Post”

    1. Well, the good news is that work on the sequel, tentatively entitled “The Farragut Affair,” began two weeks ago. I’d love to give you an estimated time of completion, but I’m terrible with that sort of thing. Just know that the last book I wrote (In Division Imperiled, which is still unreleased; given that I don’t have cover art for it and the editor will need several weeks with it at a minimum, don’t look for that one for another month or two) wound up taking me over a year from start to finish. The next Shieldclads book shouldn’t take nearly that long, but then I would have said that about In Division Imperiled when I first started writing that one, too.

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