Researching for a Story I May Never Write…

I like the silly\amusing posts I’ve made over the last few blogs, but I still want to keep up some of my older style posts as well. With that in mind…

I’m currently working on two books (In Division Imperiled, which still needs editing and a cover, and Shieldclads, which is still in the (re-)outlining stage), and when the weather stabilizes enough that driving down to the library is safe (well, the library that has the free-to-use recording studio in it; that library requires driving down a few back roads I don’t trust to be regularly plowed), I intend to try my hand at recording A Gun for Shalla as an author-read audiobook. So, I’ve got plenty of writing projects going on at the moment.

But I have this goal of trying to get yet another short project out this year in addition to all of that. After not releasing a new book last year (well, unless you count This Book Cannot Make Any Money), I need to make up for lost time. But if I want to finish something like that, I need to make sure I have some necessary research lined up, first.

I’m thinking that what I’ll do, if I can find the time, is complete the story I started on this blog for that aforementioned This Book Cannot Make Any Money which featured a malfunctioning, burger-flipping robot named with the deliberately bad French accent named Hummer, who turns detective when someone is murdered in his restaurant.  I like the set-up I’ve already written, and I’d like to explore a conclusion to it.

Now, I may never write this story; it all depends on whether I can find time to squeeze it in.  But if I do write it, there are things I need to know.  I need to figure out what forensics tools would be in Hummer’s tool-kit (I have some ideas for things, but I’d like to ask an actual forensics expert how realistic they are), I need to know EXACTLY how the poison I used in that story works (and if it doesn’t work the way I need it to, I need to find one that does work the way I need it to), and I need to research some of the things I intend to use as clues and evidence for Hummer to find (which will remain unspecified as they could be spoilers).

That would take time (which, with only slight difficulties, I could carve out in my schedule, even if I’m still working on those three other projects), but must be done before I write one more word on that story.  Which means I need to get started on that research before I even know if I will actually write the story.  But I think it needs to be done.

So… I guess I’ve got some work to do.

2 thoughts on “Researching for a Story I May Never Write…”

  1. Finish Shieldclads first. I’ve been waiting entirely too long and I’m starting to get impatient.

    1. This won’t affect Shieldclads at all, unless some of my research just happens to inspire a new subplot or something — I have several projects (the aforementioned research project among them, as well as this blog and most of my regular social media work) set aside for those times when I am unable, for one reason or another, to work on my main-project books like the Law of Swords or the Shieldclads books. You’d be surprised how many times I’m writing my blog or one of my Facebook or Twitter posts (or, lately, researching things like how to detect Saxitoxin and what its effects are, or trying to figure out whether you can determine a person’s time of death with a cooking thermometer) with one hand while eating a meal at the dinner table with family with the other.

      That said, I’m a slow writer, and I really only just started Shieldclads book 2 (The Farragut Affair) a couple weeks ago, so it may still be a while.

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