Self-Publishing Roundtable, Part 0/6

Well, I was SUPPOSED to be running a Self-Publishing Roundtable this weekend at Capital Con DC.  This panel was supposed to be a roundtable discussion amoung self-publishers (especially targetting what I’d call “intermediate” self-publishers.  I.e., those people who actually had SOME experience self-publishing, but who might find some of the advice written for veteran authors (people who have a history in traditional publishing or who have dozens of self-published titles under their belt already) ineffective) to share thoughts and ideas for improving the efficiency and skill of their self-publishing enterprise.

Unfortunately, even though I had done a lot of the preparation for my panel already and had adjusted some things in my schedule to account for the convention travel, Capital Con had to cancel at the last minute after problems arose with the hotel (I sincerely hope this isn’t the end of the line for them; from what I could tell, they had taken the time to do everything right getting this convention started).

I’d put together an outline for the panel, and did a lot of research (well, okay, much of the ‘research’ was just finding citations for things I’d already figured out or had researched previously) for the topics I planned to discuss.  Now, since it’s largely in ‘scattered notes and outlines’ form, I actually had more material than I anticipated needing for the convention (just in case we covered some things faster than I expected).  Also, I’ve edited out a couple things that I’d rather cover from a different perspective (for example:  I had mentioned in my “In An Effort to Actually Use This Darned Blog Thing…” post that I wanted to discuss the software I use in writing and producing a book.  One of the topics I was going to raise in the Roundtable was what software people found was best for producing epub\mobi files; I know I’ll be covering my opinion on that topic later, so I’ve omitted it here).

Since the convention isn’t going to happen (at least, not any time soon), I figured I’d give the presentation here, on my blog.  If any other authors with self-publishing experience want to chime in with thoughts, please go ahead — I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one with ideas at the panel.

The Outline listed six parts.  This is part Zero.  The series will run as follows:

Part I. Covers and Editors: Cheap, Fast, and Good — Pick Two

Part II. Pricing: There Is No Magic Bullet

Part III. Hybrid Authors: Advantages and Precautions

Part IV. Print Editions: Why Not?

Part V. ISBNs: A Big Deal About A Small Matter

Part VI.  Marketing: Well, We Know What Doesn’t Work….