David A. Tatum's (Old) Webpage

So, this page never quite escaped those entangling vines to develop like I'd planned. Originally, this was supposed to be my main webpage. Unfortunately, my needs changed when I self-published, which meant the creation of an entirely new website for the new "Fennec Fox Press." The new website can't do everything I needed it to, either -- because of the accompanying services I wanted, I had to split the website across two different domains with differing properties. From now on the front end will be the Fennec Fox Press website. This page will remain to host the services the other one cannot.

If you somehow stumbled onto this page, there isn't much here. You'll find a lot more content at the links, below:

Fennec Fox Press Front End

Fennec Fox Press Blog

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I have books for sale! See the Fennec Fox Press "My Books" page.

I also have a new Book Recommendations page.

Questions? Comments? My current public e-mail is at desaix0@gmail.com. You can also send a message to my primary e-mail account through the contact form on Fennec Fox Press.

This page founded on 3/19/07

Last modified: 10/04/17

Note: Viruses, bot attacks, and whatnot have targetted this page a little too frequently for comfort in the past. I've done my best to fix that, but if you see evidence of a virus attack on this webpage, please e-mail me and I'll try to repair it as soon as possible.