The Blog Is Back… (I hope?)

This is just a test post to make sure things are working, but if you ARE visiting this site already because you’ve been waiting years for a new update… the blog is back, more or less (it’s functional, but barebones at the moment.  And I’ve switched from Wordpress to ClassicPress).

The old blog was irreparably broken by a server migration gone wrong, which took me YEARS to get fixed, but it’s finally working again.  Unfortunately, the old blog was completely lost in the process of fixing things, but I was able to remove it and start again.

Long and the short of it:  You’ll probably have to update the RSS for notifications if you’ve ever used that feature before, the archive of my past blog entries is gone (possibly forever, though I haven’t yet checked the Wayback Machine to see if anything was archived), and I’m still mid-configuration of the new software, but my blog is now working again.

LOTS of Fennec Fox Press news coming up (including a summary of everything that happened while the blog was broken, which… wasn’t as much as I might have hoped, due to multiple computer failures and having to go on an unexpected and unannounced hiatus, among other things, but does include several items of interest to fans of my work).  Until then, this is just a quick and dirty post made to replace the “Hello World” default blog entry with something a little meatier.

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