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Unexpected Delays

Very brief post this time.  Sorry for the unexpected delays of the past couple weeks. “Layer III” is still unfinished despite the head start I had for it. Essentially, I’m having trouble finding enough time to get this labor-intensive blog … Continue reading

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Archaeology Dig Exercise Sample: Layer II

This was ready last weekend, but… uh, I forgot to post it, so… blame the 3 day weekend?  (Nearly forgot this weekend, too).  I guess, after having not had a working blog for a couple years, I’ve gotten out of … Continue reading

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CLASSIC BLOG POST: March 17, 2017 – Ravencon Panels (I’m Not Doing): Imposter Syndrome

Here’s the first of the (far too few) posts I was able to salvage from my old blog using the Wayback Machine’s Internet Archive. This is the post EXACTLY as it appeared — I didn’t even alter anything to reflect … Continue reading

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Archaeology Dig Exercise Sample: Top Layer

Note:  If you haven’t read Last Week’s Post, this one won’t make much sense. Before I start, something I probably should have mentioned in my last post — archaeology takes many forms, and both the sorts of archaeological practices used … Continue reading

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Fantasy Worldbuilding Exercise, Part I: Archaeology Dig

So, for my first ‘real’ blog since restoring it to functionality, let’s just jump right in with a series of posts on some of the fantasy world-building exercises I’ve come up with over the years.  Most of these are entirely … Continue reading

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Fennec Fox Press REBORN! (this blog, too)

Introduction Well, perhaps it’s a bit much to say it’s been ‘reborn,’ given that I never formally shut Fennec Fox Press down.  However, for a couple of years, I was on an unannounced (and unexpected) hiatus… and I couldn’t have … Continue reading

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The Blog Is Back… (I hope?)

This is just a test post to make sure things are working, but if you ARE visiting this site already because you’ve been waiting years for a new update… the blog is back, more or less (it’s functional, but barebones … Continue reading

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